Thursday, April 15, 2010

What is Tokay Gecko

Tokay gecko, the second largest gecko known are a beautiful addition to any herpetologists collection. Tokay geckos are named after the bark they make. The Tokay gecko is pretty easy to keep as a pet.I would not recommend them for a child though. Some basic guidelines for keeping your Tokay geckos healthy and happy.

The Tokay gecko or "Gekko gecko" is a lizard thats natural range is found from northeast India to southern China, Thailand, Malaysia, the Andamans, the Philippines, and much of Indonesia. They have also been introduced to some tropical and sub-tropical regions such as southern Florida.

Most Tokay geckos are a steely, bluish grey with orange, rusty colored spots.There are some nice morphs available. They generally grow to about 12-14 inches long. Females tend to be a little shorter. Tokay's are an arboreal species that will climb everything, including glass, and are edificial tending to hide in crevices.

Tokay geckos are cold-blooded and nocturnal or night creatures.This is when you will see most of thier activity and you may hear them sing as they do!

The typical lifespan of a tokay gecko in the wild is 7 years. In captivity they can live much longer. I'll tell you about proper terrarium set up and daily care requirements to ease your Tokay geckos stress level. Reports of 20 to 23 years have been noted.