Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tokay Gecko Medicine

Healthy Tokay geckos are plump bulky little creatures. You should not visibly see any bones. You should also safely  try to pick one up to see how much he fights you as this is a good sign of overall health. Tokay geckos do not like to be held and should bark or try to bite you.

When the gecko has its mouth open check it out. It should be black and bright pink, if its red and irritated it may have stomatitis (mouth rot). If the tokay in question is limp or don't seem to care you will want to pass on it, or take as a project to save.

If you can feel the gecko for any physical abnormalities like bumps or weird hard spots, do so.This will tell you of broken bones or possible impactions.

Male Tokay geckos are easily identified by a prominent row of preanal scales. Males also generally tend to have thicker bases to their tails.

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